How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions | Jenny Do

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Swisspers Cucumber Facial Wipes
Swisspers Cotton Buds
Garnier Micellar Water
Lash Soap from my Lash Artist Rebecca Le

(mine has a different packaging because its like a really old bottle I received when I first started doing my lashes with Rebecca lol, hope you guys enjoy x)

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  1. Do you think lashes extension will damage our real lashes? I’ve got my lashes extented for months and I cant live without it 🙁 I have never known how to clean my lashes extension properly till I see this video. Very helpful. Thank you ❤️

  2. beginner.. and really wanting to wash my face.. great video! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Can I use “simple cleaning foam” it’s a foam that takes off makeup. X

  4. you are beautiful

  5. what mascara do you use?

  6. Is this what we should do every night ?

  7. I do lashes and I would be upset at my client if they put mascara on their lashes because it closes up the fans…. lol is your lash lady okay with you putting mascara on?

  8. Why do you wear mascara with extensions? You don't need mascara. You are beautiful without.

  9. How frequently should you clean the lashes?

  10. What lash styles do you have?

  11. Thank you for this. Super helpful ❤

  12. In this video , what kind of lashes did you have ? Like a classic set? Or what? And what kind of style if you remember, thank you.

  13. Omg you putting mascara on your lashes girl, NOOOOOOO it's a bih to clean.

  14. Do you do the same technique even if you don’t wear eye makeup ?

  15. You're so pretty

  16. I have a wonderful lady that been doing lashes for the last six years and one thing I do know if they're done properly you don't need to wear mascara first of all you don't supposed to wear mascara anyways just saying!!!! but you can do what you want at the end of the day makes no sense to have eye extensions and you still wear mascara on your top lashes

  17. After I do my eyelashes extension there Say cannot wash's that true??

  18. So beautiful

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