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Hi babes!
I asked you guys on my last video AKA “ How To Clean A Beauty Blender “ if yall wanted a “How To Clean False Lashes “ and many of you wanted a tutorial! So i hope you guys enjoy this tip of mines ! Please make sure to comment down below how you clean your lashes and video suggestions ! Mucho love 💓

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  1. I use the garnier micellar water to clean my lashes. I don't put mascara on the falsies anymore. I used to clean them with alcohol and felt that the curl of the lash was not as defined anymore after so many cleans. To clean: I remove the glue with the tweezers or my fingers, pass my spoolie to remove any dried mascara (residue from pressing them together with real lashes), if I wasn't able to remove all mascara then I dip a cotton swab in the micellar water (squeeze excess water) on parts with mascara, pass spoolie once more and dry with paper towel.

  2. A easier way is let them soak in dawn soap and then do the rest

  3. Girlll omgg thanksss i really needed this because i usually throw them away and bu new one

  4. I just let them soak in alcohol throughout the night.

  5. love the new intro! and this video is very helpful omg thanks! I've literally thrown so many of my lashes away cause I wouldn't clean them lol ):

  6. ahhhhh this was a need !!! istg your so fuckinggg talented gurl !!!

  7. You should do a morning routine.

  8. This ruined my lashes

  9. Whats the name of the lashes u cleaned?

  10. How many times should clean my lashes?

  11. Holy freaking ear rape

  12. What eyelash glue do u use ???

  13. Finally, a video that tells me how to clean lashes EASY!!!!!

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