How To Clean False Lashes | Johanna Torres

Hi babes!
I asked you guys on my last video AKA “ How To Clean A Beauty Blender “ if yall wanted a “How To Clean False Lashes “ and many of you wanted a tutorial! So i hope you guys enjoy this tip of mines ! Please make sure to comment down below how you clean your lashes and video suggestions ! Mucho love 💓

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LiLianaaC says:

I use the garnier micellar water to clean my lashes. I don't put mascara on the falsies anymore. I used to clean them with alcohol and felt that the curl of the lash was not as defined anymore after so many cleans. To clean: I remove the glue with the tweezers or my fingers, pass my spoolie to remove any dried mascara (residue from pressing them together with real lashes), if I wasn't able to remove all mascara then I dip a cotton swab in the micellar water (squeeze excess water) on parts with mascara, pass spoolie once more and dry with paper towel.

leyma s says:

A easier way is let them soak in dawn soap and then do the rest

Aracely Prieto says:

Girlll omgg thanksss i really needed this because i usually throw them away and bu new one

Ivonne Hernandez says:

I just let them soak in alcohol throughout the night.

Yatzari C says:

love the new intro! and this video is very helpful omg thanks! I've literally thrown so many of my lashes away cause I wouldn't clean them lol ):


ahhhhh this was a need !!! istg your so fuckinggg talented gurl !!!

Jess Millan says:

You should do a morning routine.

Mariah Medina says:

This ruined my lashes

Lorena Rosales says:

Whats the name of the lashes u cleaned?

Mariana Torres says:

How many times should clean my lashes?

Bubbles 0880 says:

Holy freaking ear rape

victoria montes says:

What eyelash glue do u use ???

jaysol&maya says:

Finally, a video that tells me how to clean lashes EASY!!!!!

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