❤ HOW TO: Clean False Eyelashes & Stacking Them ❤

Hi flukes! I really hope that you liked this video! The link to the ebay eyelashes is down below! Love you!

Contacts: “Queen Green” http://www.ttdeye.com/ (Use code: “flukeofmakeup” for discount (I WAS NOT PAYED TO WEAR THESE)

Ebay Eyelashes: https://goo.gl/QrQ1Cv

Hair Extentions:


I am wearing the BOO-GATTI 340g 22` in the color “Vibrant Red”
(custom dyed)

Full video all about my hair and my hair color:

Hair dye: Garnier Ultra Color in the color “Vibrant Red”


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  1. Gud visste verkligen inte att du var svensk fören jag såg det svenska diskmedlet haha!!

  2. you could've used a q tip with makeup remover and run it on the lashes hair to clean them better

  3. Woah, you're beautiful

  4. thank you for your video!

  5. Buy a medical benzine in pharmacy and put a little on 2 cotton swabs and then put your false eyelashes in between and press a little…wait for 3 sec and rub gently…. after that just wash eyelashes in liquid soap or shampoo.

  6. thank you so much for this video.

  7. The cleaning process starts at 1:30

  8. New subscriber! You look stunning!

  9. lemon essential oil really helps with taking off the glue ! 🙂

  10. Too tedious. Take a makeup removing pad, put your lashes on it, soak all with rubbing alcohol/alcogel. Let it soak, 2 minutes, use your tweezers (the other end of them) to scrap the glue off of the lashes while holding them down on the pad with a toothpick or wooden stick. Finally clean your lashes on some paper with micellar water.

  11. What glue do you use?

  12. Thank you girl this video was just what I was looking for : )

  13. You did a good job also you are a very beautiful

  14. What is the song?

  15. I soak mine in 70 % alcohol, is this wrong? I just started wearing lashes they make me feel pretty.

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