How To Clean False Eyelashes For Reuse Youtube

Cleaning false lashes after each use will let you wear them multiple times and save money.

Most false eyelashes can be reused, including synthetic lashes and ones made from animal hair – check the package to see what kind you have. This tutorial is for synthetic eyelashes.

Step 1 – Fill a Dish with Makeup Remover

Fill a small dish with makeup remover. If you don’t have one, olive oil is a great alternative.

Step 2 – Soak the False Eyelashes

Place the false eyelashes in the dish and leave them to soak. This will help dissolve the lash glue and remove any mascara.

Step 3 – Peel of the Lash Glue

Peel of the Lash Glue with your fingers or tweezers

Step 4 – Rinse Off the eyelashes

After you have peeled off the glue from the false eyelashes, rinse them off carefully.

Step 5 – Let the false eyelashes Air-Dry

Let your false eyelashes air-dry completely. Lay them on a towel or other absorbent material during this step.

Step 6 – Put Them Back in the Box

Once the false eyelashes are completely dry, put them back in the box.

Step 7 – You’re Ready to Reuse Your False Eyelashes

You’re done! Your false eyelashes are ready and waiting for their next big night out.


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  1. Could coconut oil work as well for cleaning the lashes ?

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