How to clean beauty blender 2018 | CLEAN IN 5 MINS!

Hey guys! In this video, I tested a hack that’s been going around on twitter recently and I MICROWAVED MY BEAUTY BLENDER.

Some things to note:
– Using fresh water each time will result in WAY better results.
– If microwaving more than once, be sure to let sponge cool or add cold water to avoid burning hands… lol oops.
– The specific dish soap you’re supposed to use:

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Maria Smith says:

I think if u would have used new water and put it into the microwave for a few more times it would have worked a bit better

M'Kay Kay says:

I have the exact same beauty sponge same color too. I love it its my favorite one!

MeanJean McCormack says:

At least you have a pretty face…

MeanJean McCormack says:

Dawn liquid soap is the same thing as Fairy, it's just that Fairy is the UK name, but they're both Proctor & Gamble prouducts with the same ingredients.

Simply Sage says:

i literally love your channel tho

Simply Sage says:


*_Niki The Fox_* says:

I tried it and it worked!

blooming flowers says:

Fuck you

Tishaya Thompson says:

It did work for me I tried it on a beauty blender that has been barely used and one that should have been cleaned a LONG time ago and it worked well on both the one that was barely used basically looks brand new and the one that’s older was definitely cleaned you can still see where a lot of product build up was on the sponge but it is clean

Kobie’s Adventures says:

I rub my beauty blender on a bar of soap and running water back and forth and in circles and all of the foundation and concealer come out completely.

Nadia Hazel says:

Girl you should keep making videos!! This was really good 🙂

Amari Miller says:

this is just dumb all around

Ruby Rodriguez says:

How many watts is ur microwave?

Izzy M says:

Went rly good but don’t make cancer jokes… shits not funny x

Lainey Shea says:

Do NOT do this because it literally MELTED my beauty blender

Pinja says:

This is so much trouble and it still doesn't have perfect results. What works for me and takes 2 minutes is to get a bar of soap and warm running water. Rub the soap on the sponge under the water and keep rubbing and squeezing. Gets it squeaky clean.

Aubrey Lynn says:

Mine feels like a squshy

moo boo says:

What bronzer did you use in this vid? 🙂

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