How to Build SELF WORTH (The FIRST STEP to Health and Happiness)

Do you ever struggle to build healthy habits, continue to make unhealthy decisions despite knowing what’s good for you, or wonder how you manage to keep self-sabotaging? It might be time to take a closer look at your beliefs and ask if you truly believe that you are WORTHY of the positive changes you wish to welcome into your life.

The foundation of all wellbeing is SELF-WORTH.

Your well-intentioned efforts to be happy and healthy will never stick until you do the work to truly believe that you are WORTHY and deserving.

This vlog presents a few simple Goodness tips that show you how to appreciate your value more and build a stronger sense of self-worth. Greater self-worth means a stronger foundation to build upon when working toward greater health and happiness!

I hope this Goodness brings you greater Wellness!

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C and E says:

omg i love this video!! you have such great energy and gave great advice:)

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