How To: BEAUTY Commercial LIGHTING

Beauty Commercial Lighting Breakdown. I show you how to do beauty lighting to make your friends look like models. Beauty lighting with only three lights!

Shot on the Alexa Mini.
640 ISO
50mm Zeiss CP.2

My Vlogging Camera:
Canon Powershot G15:

Joshua Makela:

Brandon Crouch:

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Evan Bourcier:
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aristeo figueroa says:

Lmao! Nice! Love it!

Dan Atkinson says:

This is rad Mike!!

Classic Man Channel says:

Anytime you can do color correcting, I would be glad. I have subscribed so that I can see your works

Alex López says:

lovely look. Thank you for demo.

Nate's Film Tutorials says:

Awesome Breakdown! It's a lot like Cinematography Database. One tip for improvement, try to get a microphone close to you to step up your audio. Besides that everything else is great!

Megan Bowen says:

this is great! thanks for the tutorial. Whats that song you used for the commercial shots?

Raymond Sanchez says:

What kind of led fresnel

Nic Conner Images says:

Great video bro!! The Cinematographers you recommend us to follow are some of the top DP's I follow via Youtube and I concur. Thanks for sharing and you just gained a new SUB. "Support The Art"

prottentogo says:

yo the net is upside down. usually you use the open end towards the shot to avoid shadows.

Danny Ntarlas says:

with all my respect . nice lighting but plz dont just put a teal orange lut in Arri … if you can not colour grade plz leave it as shot . its better to understand tha lighting

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