How To Be Healthy – Ways To Be Healthy – Keys To Health – How To Improve Your Health

In this video I discuss how to be healthy, and some ways to be healthier.


Ways to be healthy

There are many different things in our lives that contribute to being healthy, or being healthier. In this video I am going to go over 7 major factors that contribute to leading a healthier life.

Eat better
So, I think this one is kind of a given. We have all at some point seen some reference to research that links poor nutrition to a many diseases, a lesser quality of life, and a shorter life span. Good quality Food, such as fruits and vegetables, provide our bodies with energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber, which in turn enhance proper bodily function.

Research has shown that exercise can decrease your risk of many diseases and enhance your quality of life. It can also improve your mental health, strengthen muscles and bones, help to control your weight, prevent falls, sleep better, improve memory, give you more energy and most importantly increase your chances of living longer.

Move more
Just moving your body more can improve your health. With the advancements in technology, sedentary lifestyles have gotten greater and greater. Phones, tablets, and being able to watch TV anywhere anytime has brought everyday bodily movement to an all time low. Moving your body more can improve blood circulation, oxygen use, heart health and sleep.

Sleep better
Lack of sleep has been linked to increased risk of many diseases, as well as lack of productivity. Good, quality sleep has been shown to improve memory, decrease stress, increase creativity and increase athletic performance.

Spend time with people
Lack of social connections has been shown to increase stress, impair immune your system and cardiovascular function. Having strong quality connections with other people improves self confidence, mental health, and energy levels.

Exercise your brain
When we are young, going to school and learning math, science, and history, our brain is being challenged and stimulated regularly. As we get older, and get set into a regular routine, and exercise our brains less, we process information more slowly, and our working memory diminishes. Your brain benefits from learning new things, taking part in new activities and interacting with other people.

Decrease stress
Stress can cause fatigue, lead to sleep problems, overeating, all of which can negatively affect your health. Learning to manage stress in your life is a must. Decreasing stress in your life can improve energy levels, improve your ability to focus on tasks, improve your relationships with others, and most of all severely increase happiness.

Living a healthier life leads to living a happier life. Self reflection is a powerful tool to improving your life, so take a look at each of these 7 factors and see which ones you can improve on. In the future, I will be posting videos giving you some ideas on how to improve on each one of these to help you out.



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