How To Be Beautiful From The Inside Out / My Lifestyle Beauty Secrets

If you are looking to change the way you look, I believe that starting from the INSIDE – OUT is the way to go. All the makeup, surgery and fashion in the world isn’t enough to alter the disharmony going on inside our bodies that affects the way we look. I believe that a good diet, awareness of mental health and simple lifestyle changes are the building blocks to happiness, health and beauty that is not just skin deep. I hope my tips will help you connect with the bright and beautiful true self that is always inside you! xo

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Jose Hernandez says:

Hello beautiful.

Traveling was fun and breath taking. Your parents are wonderful people. I hope it's not the last time, I get to see them. About the old subject, did you know that when you become old, you're more beautiful than ever? There's more beauty in that stage. Getting old doesn't necessarily mean, having wrinkles, and ready to die. You're gorgeous right now, and you're gonna become even more gorgeous, in later years to come. I'm excited to get old!

It's good to eat vegetables. Remember I told you a long time ago, that I was gonna stop eating meat? I love animals and I don't want to harm them.

I'm so proud of you. You're happy, and not taking yourself too serious. Forgetting the past, and focusing on the bright future. I couldn't be more proud of you.

One more thing. You're going to Europe next? Please go to Russia. I'm a Russian fanatic. But it's up to you. Whatever you want. I'm looking forward to it.

You're always on my mind, Alina.

Mark P says:

Beauty endures time.

Life Coach Toronto Giovanni Maccarrone says:

Being my own best friend, believing in myself, raising my up and "You will just fly and transform". Love it, absolute love it @lina! Thanks for sharing that helpful success formula :).

Sardar Pervez Khan Khan says:

I love you babe

Sardar Pervez Khan Khan says:

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Elim Paulin says:

My mind has been blown! thanks a lot alina HAHAHAHA

Yasill Hokly says:

Hey Alina, what about Psychedelics?

Alina Paalz says:

Iā€™m the same way, 80-90% vegan, on occasion if Iā€™m on vacation and there are not many options to eat, I allow myself to have some shrimp or have something with cheese in it. But at home, I pretty much stay vegan.

rami oma says:

happy life when you have good family

Fantasieelfe says:

i kinda like your voice… hmmm…

Roma DrinkingJava says:

Hi, Alina.
You are filming in a lovely dress you wore in NYC! šŸ™‚ Like it very much! But the dress of course isn't gorgeous by itself, it's YOU who make EVERY dress(or any piece of clothes) look gorgeous, wearing it.

It's very difficult unfortunately (almost impossible for most people) to adhere to plant based diet. How can anyone not to yield to temptation to eat for example a roast chicken? Mission impossible šŸ™

Sponsored or not…we don't fricking care(hope it doesn't sound offensive šŸ™‚ We love you either way. Period.

As far as vitamins and minerals are concerned – B group vitamins are essentials. Zinc supplements are also crucial for hair, skin and nails.

Thanks, beautiful lady, for another portion of helpful tips. You ave very clever at issues concerning health both mental and physical. Hope I will be doing at least bare minimum of what you listed. As always you look divine and I'm hugging you tightly šŸ™‚

Hemanth Atluri says:

Alina, if u assure me that eating vegetables would definitely show difference in the comment, I promise I will stop eating meat in my life.

Russian Federation says:

What is really the true secret to female slavic beauty?
There is no secret, its just that Eastern European women have natural beauty! You are looking lovely as always, stay happy Alina!

Russian Federation says:

Alina, Don't let your dreams be dreams, Just Do It!

Cody Digital says:

Your videos are inspirational.

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