How To: Asian Beard Trim Transformation And Line Up || By Dlucs_

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This Is The Beard Trim I Did During My Last Video, Wanted To Dedicate A Whole Separate Video For This Trim. What Do Yall Wanna See Next (eyebrow tutorial????) Comment Below!

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  1. He’s half white, I’m pretty sure I went to school with his bro and he was a freshmen when I was a senior

  2. Any great barbers in SC Charleston that can do this cut just as crispy???

  3. Not bad, it looks good. The only thing that isn’t for me, he went a little low on the sideburn area.

  4. Good beard trim.

  5. Sick work g. I need u to shape my shit up.jajaja. dope work man. Sick, where u base out of?

  6. R u rapping

  7. asian are japanese chinese korean etc not including arabs and middle eastern
    these beards not asian
    get the fact straight

  8. Dope video! Can you review "powerful man facial pubuc hair oil"? Looks like they used this guy's photo for their label lol

  9. He looks white

  10. Technition at work

  11. Are those walh heroes zero gapped ? Cuz i have the same trimmer and they don't hit as hard

  12. Puto vato feo aparte que parese puerco barbon que pinche asco

  13. Yo DLucs, what's your ethnicity?

  14. Too many tools here, I use just one.

  15. But nice job 🙂

  16. Dude using that spray for every cut. As soon as I get a cut I immediately go home to take a shower so if u using that spray for every cut how long is it really lasting? Lol fresh on the way home then after that it’s a wrap

  17. Yo this help me out so much! you should do another video on how you got way better since this video!

  18. Smooth Blad Fade Comb Over Dropping Next Week!

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