How To Apply Magnetic Lashes HUGE TRICK!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel for my super secret trick to applying magnetic falsies! As a general disclaimer, I realize that the lashes don’t look great in the inner corners of my eyes, this was only my third time applying them and they do take practice to get them perfect. Please be kind and respectful that I realize they don’t look perfect, but wanted to share my tip regardless because like me, with practice, they’ll look amazing!

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mme duvennet says:

I can't use magnetic lashes because I don't have enough natural lashes they don't stay

Nae West says:

Just the tip and I'm not internet bullying or anything but I think your lashes is too short for your eye… you have nice big curvy eyes and it doesn't completely cover how is supposed to so it just looks like half done lashes

Yvonne N says:

How many wears do they last?

Candy Smith says:

I am right handed, I can do my left eye fine, however I'm challenged doing my right eye. Thanks for the tip…I will give it a try!

FoxySundayz says:

Thank you so much for this. Haven't found a lash glue that I'm not sensitive too. I've been really wanting to make magnetic lashes work.

Michelle Beauty says:

Wish they cld make some look more natural

Kerrie says:

Best video by far, thank you!

Pamela Walmsley says:

Thank you so much for your ingenuity. I ordered mine just now on amazon prime. Can't wait to try your "HUGE TRICK"

Myra Thomas says:

Gonna try the hack, hope it works for me

M M says:

Please show us how you cut them darling

G G says:

Thanks cutie!!!!

Sdm Carr says:

Thank you so much…I have been trying to figure out how to put my new lashes on, and you make it look so easy….I;m going to try it today….tahnks again

Annabelle Wallis says:

Brilliant hack, will try this for sure! You need to get closer to your inner corner though, the first 1/4 of your lashes look empty because the falsies are too far out x

waitingfortheworldtoburn nrubotdlroehtrofgnitiaw says:

make it look SO EASY — damnit i wish i watched this first :0

Chris Roche says:

looks great but i would put them further into the inner corner

Brooke S says:

Omg you saved me! I was losing my mind wondering why it was so hard! It was like duh!

My Acct says:

This obviously is a sponsored video.
Remember less is more. You talk to f’ing much. Get to the point.

Emily Carlson says:

Agh the reason I bought these is because mascara and glues all irritate my eyes… RIP pretty eyelash dreams

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