Hiiiyaaaaa! Wanted to share this quick tutorial on how I apply/customized my individual lashes Also I apologize for not zooming in, I totally forgot but hope it made sense 😭😭😘


Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

Elegant Lashes in Long Flare F7 And medium double false lash

DUO glue

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robjons says:

Your lips are way distracting to watch this.

Kavin Agin says:

Your makeup is lit

Ayanna Johnson says:

How many times did she say “natural “

lotusssypringa says:

Can you explain what it means to make it tacky? Thank you

Jess Daffodil says:

I’m rlly sorry but ur top lip looks ridiculous

EmmysWorld says:

Pointless video we can’t see you apply it

Panchita Brannum says:

How long do lashes last ?

Bye Bye Belly says:

This video made me dissociate from eyelashes being normal or desireable. Like, we want hairy eye edges lmfao

Pana_MontanaBaby says:

Well damn u don’t need false lashes….

Bianca B says:

lipstick ? colour Brand? 🙂 xx

Brianna Carr says:

Your makeup is crazy amazing!

Alii Suarez says:

Ur so pretty …I tried the way u explained how u do IRS n it worked for me but with different indvoduals ardel n wispie

Dammy Aderombi says:

how long do they last ?

Kyelon Lee says:

How long do they last ?

Solange Castillo says:

With those eyelashes, I’d never wear false lashes!

Gugulethu Madikane sibanda says:

I don't really see anything here

iluvsarahii says:

Thanks for all the comments!!! I forgot to mention the lipstick color! It's MAC chestnut lip pencil + Gerard Cosmetics Boss Lady hydra matte lip.

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