How to Apply False Lashes: Thick Band

Whether you are a first timer or have been using false lashes in your beauty routine, applying lashes can sometimes get tricky! We’re checking in with Maryam Maquillage ( on tips and tricks when applying thick band lashes!

Featured in our lash application video is our Boudoir Lashes and our Latex-Free Lash Adhesive.

To ease your lash application for thick band lashes, start by curling your lashes and applying mascara. From here, carefully peel lashes off their tray and pre-curl your falsies prior to application. Bend the lash band back and forth to help the lashes adhere to your eye. Attach lashes to the center of your lash line and tuck in the inner then outer corners.

Voila! You have successfully applied your thick band lashes with ease!

Boudoir Lashes:

Clear Lash Adhesive:

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  1. huh, iv only just started using makeup and jumped into using false lashes. i got a nice (i think there nice) pair at ross and the bands are super thick compared to the ones i got st walmart! there as think at a elastik band of brads :S

  2. You're so pretty !!! I love Iconic eyelashes too…

  3. do they need to be cut before applying? you made it look so easy will definitely try curling the eyelash Thank you! gorgeous


  5. Does anyone know where I can get the gold mirror from?

  6. Which lash did she wear btw? Are these the boudoir or iconic?

  7. hey, where I'd the gold mirror from

  8. What is a lashband made out if?


  10. 2:27 OMG the inner corner of the left eyelash has already popped off jkhkkgkfkdkdk

  11. ya really what a great fool

  12. ya really what a great fool

  13. I never did those nuances you described, that's why I failed. Congrats on looking great and promoting your business 🙂 And did you try to enlarge your own eyelashes in any way? I use Cherish Lash enhancer and I'm quite happy with what I have now.

  14. Thick bands always fall off of the corners in no time like guurrll

  15. did each time eyelashes need glue bcz i buy a new pack of lashes and the shopkeeper says that for the first 5 time it stick without glue after that u need glue plzz rply if anyone knows

  16. What a pointless video. She just applied them like normal lashes..

  17. I literally feel you make it look so easy meanwhile I spent two hours applying similar lashes and gave up completely. .-.

  18. watched over 50vids but still cant put on

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