How to Apply FALSE LASHES like a pro!!

Lashes used by SHOPSKYBELLE

Track name “The Process”

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  1. Sis what hair is that?

  2. "O I got to blink". That's probably the point when it gets frustrating.

  3. Great tip I really enjoyed the tutorial, I just joined your channel

  4. I love your turtorials please do more

  5. They've been using bonding glue instead of lash glue for decades now in Nigeria, Benin Republic, & so many other African countries.

  6. i heard mink lashes? i'm leaving

  7. I love that! When I buy my first house I’m definitely will hit up Marshall’s

  8. Monetize your videos love so you can get paid you have the views

  9. Is it okay to use the “got 2 b glued” glue for lashes ?

  10. Hi dear hope you visit me too

  11. i so needed this ily

  12. I need to find eyelashes that match my face and eyes

  13. What brand bonding glue do you use?

  14. I appreciate this video and the education you bring. I will make a suggestion… lash application at 11:36 for a video that is only 14:47 minutes is a pretty long time to wait… no disrespect intended. Only constructive criticism. Please don’t be offended. Again thank you for all you do.

  15. Do you have clients pinch the lashes with their natural lashes?!

  16. Too much talking.

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