How to apply false eyelashes- Live

Lilly lashes Must Have Smart Phone Apps for Couponers & Penny Shoppers

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  1. Thanks. I have never worn them but I want to so bad. After watching this I am gonna try. Seriously, Thank you!!

  2. I have very little lashes and almost no eyebrows. I may go get some and try to put them on this weekend.

  3. You look BEAUTIFUL natural!!!! And you look sooooo much like Drew Barrymore…And I think that is a good thing .

  4. i just went amd got my front teeth fixed and im so scared of the dentist so dont be scared girl if i the biggest scardy cat can do it so can u!!! btw ur beautiful like u r !

  5. Thank you 1 million times over you're the Christa coupons

  6. Never tried them. Maybe….

  7. Yay…thank you

  8. You make applying false lashes effortless. I tried false lashes a while ago for the first time, and I couldn't get it to stick. I got the black Ardell glue from CVS, and it sort of burns. I ended up looking crazy cause I kept meaning up. Lol. Maybe I need the clear glue.

  9. Thanks sweetie! Just ordered two pair! They have a 20% off valentine sale going on today!

  10. Hello from South Carolina Christa. Thanks Love.

  11. you are just adorable. a CVS vid came up on my home screen and I checked your channel so this is only 2nd vid I've seen. you have a new subscriber! I also have a broken tooth, happened 2 yrs after I stopped smoking. and I chipped 2nd tooth with my toothbrush when my feet got tangled and I hit the wall w my elbow lol! in a split second i knew that was going to break my tooth and it did! anyways I am so proud of you being brave and doing vids cuz you are so cute! I have let it stop me from doing things, like even getting a job. I got some veneers and they are ok for just talking and open mouth but not for big toothy smiles. so I really needed to see this to give me some courage! because well again, you are just too bubbly cute for it to matter!

  12. Thanks for the demonstration. I’ve been waiting for you to show us bc I’ve had trouble keeping the eyelashes on and I love how they look and wanna wear them! I need to start practicing again.

  13. Beautiful and well done.

  14. Christa, I used to get lashes done but it just got too expensive. I bought some individuals to put on myself, but I haven't attempted them yet. In the shop I used to get mine done they use hair glue. Have u ever tried that? Just curious.

  15. I have magnetic lashes also and need help. Please do a video!

  16. you look wonderful

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