HOW TO: Apply False Eyelashes for BEGINNERS | Imani LeeMarie

Hey guys! So this tutorial is for my beginners ! Here`s a tutorial on how to apply false lashes ! It can be tricky but with the right amount of practice you will be a pro in no time !

Hope you enjoy !



F O L L O W M E !

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  1. You place your lashes on perfect. Good, informative video.

  2. hello gorgeous…….thanks for the tips definitely gonna be trying these tips for sure, since i suck at doing lashes.

  3. Brand of lashes?

  4. Thank you!! Really. It seems simple but it's definitely not!

  5. I have been curious about using false lashes but has anyone had eye issues with long-term use?

  6. Your video helped a lot. Thank you.

  7. Imani this was so helpful! Thank you cause I cry every time I put lashes on, I get so frustrated!

  8. I've been wearing lashes for so long but I still had to watch this vid just because I love how detailed you are ❤️

  9. Let’s help each other grow… I just subscribed tonu I would love for you to subscribe like comment on my channel..TY for the support

  10. You are a great teacher!

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