How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners

Hey guys! Here is my video for how to apply false eyelashes for beginners!

I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back and I have lot of video ideas coming up!

As always please leaving any suggestions down below!

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Thanks for watching! See you soon!

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elinsings says:

Alexandra, what makes lashes "good" for you? What is the criteria? I'm assuming it's more than just the shape/style once they go on? Or….not? 🙂

Ball Buster says:

Smart, serious, beautiful. REAL GIRL. Respect.
hate stupid vloggers girls with a passion.

Besa B says:

Great tips. I do makeup well, but lashes are so hard for me. Often i stick them to a tiny bit of my lid and it ruins the whole makeup so I end up taking them off and tossing them lol. Love your channel. Just discovered it!

Rachel Stockton says:

Oh my goodness! I just discovered your channel, and I wanted to tell you that you give some of the best tips, and more informative information that I've seen on a youtube channel. You definitely have a new subscriber! 🙂

Silvia Cooper says:

What lipstick and liner are you wearing?

Annette Talavera says:

You are so pretty!! Thank you!! As a 51 year old woman, although i have thick long eyelashes, i did buy false ones. You are the first video to teach me so thank you so so much!!

Rachel Ross says:

I've seen a whole bunch of people trimming the lashes before applying them to fit better or something, is that actually necessary?

Breezy Brie says:

omg i love your personality<3 you deserve more subscibers!!!!


brows ARE BANGING!!!

Natasha Bowley says:

Oh my god i didnt realise there were so many steps to wearing false lashes. Hold, glue, put them on instantly. Haha. No wonder i wasnt getting anywhere. What brands and styles do people recommend? I love your videos Alexandra xx

Ittai Monterrubio says:

Como las quitas o desmaquillas ??

Southern Glam says:

You are to funny. Like your vids and your really pretty

Kim Baker says:

I think it’s kinda cool to just hang by your window filming how to do whatever with all the outside different background noises, you can never hear anything loud or annoying, seriously never, maybe you can but I can’t, just a little FYI.

ivanahawkins says:

Hi Alexandra! I normale don`t write comments on Youtube, but…. Just wanted to tell you- you are amazing !!! I love your videos, your voice, your way of explaining things… Omg! You channel is much better that any I´ve come across… So anyway, wishing you a lot of new subscribers and please continue doing this! You are so talented! Thank you ! Greetings from Vienna Austria!

Purrfect Pout says:

Your adorable! But, I’m really impressed with your tutorials! A. The fact that they are tutorials! Even when trying a new product B. You explain what & why! Well done!

Jennifer Harris says:

Have you ever worn your falsies below your natural lash line? If so, would you please do a vid on it? Thank you.

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