How To Apply False Eyelashes – Beginners Tutorial | Aja Dang

In this how to apply false eyelashes for beginners tutorial video I’ll be showing you a simple and easy way to put on/apply fake lashes. I’ve been applying false lashes in this manner for quite a while now. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


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Crowned&Brown says:

I've never seen anyone apply lashes like this, and it's such a great idea! Definitely trying this the next time I play around with lashes.

Tatayx0x0 says:

im terrible at applying falsies but im definitely going to try this method!

Hangg K says:

Awesome! Big difference. I like a more natural look and your way looks more natural! Thanks for sharing!

sayhi2erika says:

Which end of the lashes do you cut to fit your eye shape?

Melanie Gutierres says:

I am obsessed with your hair!! I would love to see a tutorial on how you style it.

angela alejandre says:

I've tried both techniques and it's cool, but I like to apply them better on top and I pinch my skin closest to my lash line to cover it. I always get compliments people thinking they're my real lashes ☺

Hsiang Chen says:

Thank you for sharing, def will try! ^_^

Eidry Marinez says:

Loved this , I will make sure to try this.

TinkerDean says:

Your method does look better! I am going to give it a try. Thanks

Rosario Pineda says:

we have the same tweezers i only have mine in black ahhaah!

Jacklyn Dang says:

I tried really hard to apply my lashes this way this morning and I kept getting eyelash glue in my eye… it hurt a lot. I don't know how you do it but this was impossible for me…

INKLYS says:

uhh how do u take it off?

Tina Dang says:

her tweezers being so close to her eye freaks me out

geeeenaa says:

Do u need to use eyeliner and curl your lashes by applying falsies underneath or does it blend anyway

Areedabook says:

I'm gonna need to test this out!

Sarah Arifah says:

Hi Aja! I've been obsessed with this technique!! Have been practicing for about a month now. I wanted to ask do you have any tips to not have them droop? (I have a problem with this, my favorite lashes tend to appear to lose its length and "droop") Also, what do you do to keep them on for longer? lashes underneath tends come off in the inner corner after a while and after 5 hours, they fall off from both ends much easier than applying them normally or is that just me haha Thanks again for sharing your tips!!

Alexandria T says:

Definitely more natural your way

Abby Ng says:

Hey Aja! How do you touch up the lashes with glue when it starts to fall apart?

niclife says:

OMG. this is gold. I have tried to put on eyelashes like all the other youtubers have suggested and it just didn't look right. this is so perfect. I have similar eyes as you, and it looked so natural when I used your technique. a HUGE thank you!!

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