How to apply false eyelashes? Applying False Eyelashes made easy!!!!! Makeup Maniac By Linda

Easiest method to master false lash application! Struggling to apply false lashes everytime?”How to Apply false eyelashes?”- Is one common question I receive everyday. I have shown you how to put on falsies in few easy and simple steps.
Here is your easiest way to help you apply falsies!

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  1. Mam plz tell which eye liner u use

  2. very very helpful appi…thanks a lot

  3. Apu akta eyelash koto bar use Kora jabe plz reply mam

  4. Hey api..false nail e ki glue use korbo?plz bole dao..

  5. thanks for this video apu ❤ and love you

  6. Is there any affordable lash glue ? Within 200-300 tk

  7. Eyelash glue ta kother teke niya?

  8. How much it's two price please bolo

  9. API eyelashes samner diker ta adjust hote chae na,uthhe thhake ,ki korbo

  10. Which eyeliner Apu?

  11. This glue how much and where i can get it ???

  12. Which white kajal is good?

  13. Where did you get it from?

  14. glue tar nam ki apu?? koto tk? kothay pabo?

  15. Appi glue name plz

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