Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m doing a toturial video on how to apply EYELASHES I hope this video inspires you to learn how to apply your lashes and to do them on your own. I’m using the BROADWAY eyelash strips for this toturial. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and thumb up the video and leave a comments or ideas to share thank you

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  1. you funny couisn

  2. Them lashes look good on you sis ❤️

  3. I LIke it ! Cool Vid !

  4. New sub! ❤️❤️

  5. How do you get the broadway lash to stay down? I can’t get them to stay….

  6. What number is the lash?

  7. #304 Broadway

  8. You’re so cute and funny <3 Just subbed! ❤️

  9. Thank you for this video first time doing it helped me to do it right ☺️

  10. I use the same glue

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