How to apply a Bun with Jumbo Braiding Hair

This is a great protective style.

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  1. First I must say u have quality hair that can take any style , looking very nice

  2. Cute. Gotta do it on my channel!

  3. It flakes on my hair

  4. Wonderful job

  5. Thanks for sharing your technique

  6. Omg thx I needed this

  7. To cute and simple

  8. Very nice!!!

  9. Thank you Alicia Trying that hairdo. Chil' Natural beauty!!?

  10. She telling the real deal….

  11. Omfg that's one ugly silverback

  12. Why do you talk so sassy

  13. 2019 and this style still rocks. Go Alishia!

  14. Te quedó preciso, es una maravilla esos peinado.
    Muchas felicidades.

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