How to: Achieve FULL and THICK hair | Men’s Hair

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In this weeks video, I decided to help many of you guys out that have been asking about thin and coarse hair in the comment section of a few of my videos by letting you guys know a few of my tips and tricks in achieving full and thick hair.
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Going Viral says:

My hair is really smooth amd silky which I really hate cause I cant spike or style it

Aaron John Atienza says:

I'm 15 and male and my hair is so thin, super straight like women's hair can somebody tell me how to thicken your hair and volume it?and even i add wax to my hair it keeps on going down

Kotaro Muramatsu says:

im still 13 but ye.. someone help!!

Muzamil Reshi says:

my hair falls

Manoj Baria says:

You're hairs are awesome

Mohammed Hasham says:

Shaving Head Can Regrow Hairs?

Sibti ali says:

I'm 19 and loosing hair already.

Salaar Khan says:

helphy hair

Gage Bakalar says:

I have thick wavy hair have tried products nothing really seems to help currently growing out my undercut any tips on what I should do when styling etc.

WYLIE says:

Whats the background song?

Jack Son says:

Hi bro Iam going bald What Can iDo. Please sugest m. Thank You

Omkar Nikam says:

Sir will you make video on difference between hair whorl and crown area baldness… I'm confused… I have a very small bald spot over my crown area…


Ur look like bull

Basan Ghimire says:

Anyone in 2019 ???

Nadeem khan says:

Is masturbation effetcs hair fall or thin hair??

nystagmus says:

Used to have thick wavey hair
Thick eyebrows , long lashes
Clear skin
Then i got old

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