How Koreans Get Perfect Skin | 10 Step Skincare Routine

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Country: South Korea
State/Province: Seoul
Address: 7F, Synergyum, S-plex center 31, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu
Post Code: 03909

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+Grante Cleansing Oil

+ NEOGEN Cleanser

+ Skin&Lab Exfoliator

+ Klairs Toner

+ Olivarrier Toning Lotion

+ Be the Skin Serum

+ Papa Recipe Mask

+ Klavuu Mask
Oh, I forgot to mention the KLAVUU sheet masks which are also great and really work! I highly recommend them

+ Aromatica Rose Absolute Cream

+ Thank You Farmer Sun Screen

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  1. This was really helpful to watch.

  2. One has to be seriously dedicated to complete the 10 step process.. it takes up so much time and money:)

  3. Would do if I weren’t broke.

  4. My boyfriend always brings me back skin care stuff from South Korea! What a life saver haha

  5. You’re so pretty

  6. Do Asian women use perfumes, and if they do, what kind of perfumes? I like your videos, you speak perfectly English

  7. Why does korean dont have pimples too

  8. Nancy, are you born in Korea?

  9. Omg! They carry aromatica at CVS now!

  10. You're so cute ❤

  11. lol I use eye creams but I'm still a teen so I'm ready!!

  12. One thing I noticed is that people that live in colder areas get better skin. Im chinese but I live in the Philippines. It's a tropical country, so I sweat a lot and my skin gets oily, and it gets red and itchy and stuff when I feel hot..but when I travelled to colder places like new zealand, hong kong and china, my skin got INSTANTLY BETTER. most of my acne disappeared and appeared again when I went back home. when I travelled to warm places like thailand, there was no changes on my skin so that proves my point

  13. What happened to your hand

  14. Where is the Boniik store in Sydney?

  15. Korean girls are so cute !

  16. without makeup so wow.. so beautiful thumb up!

  17. lets be honest
    this routine does not cure the damn acnes right ?
    i have for years and their a big bumpy pinky acnes under my sking that once upon time they had white heads with soo much bleeding and then their pink scars under my skin

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