How Koreans Get Perfect Skin | 10 Step Skincare Routine

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Country: South Korea
State/Province: Seoul
Address: 7F, Synergyum, S-plex center 31, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu
Post Code: 03909

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+Grante Cleansing Oil

+ NEOGEN Cleanser

+ Skin&Lab Exfoliator

+ Klairs Toner

+ Olivarrier Toning Lotion

+ Be the Skin Serum

+ Papa Recipe Mask

+ Klavuu Mask
Oh, I forgot to mention the KLAVUU sheet masks which are also great and really work! I highly recommend them

+ Aromatica Rose Absolute Cream

+ Thank You Farmer Sun Screen

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Kelly Commerford says:

This was really helpful to watch.

Airi _96 says:

One has to be seriously dedicated to complete the 10 step process.. it takes up so much time and money:)

Pauline says:

Would do if I weren’t broke.

Joan98 says:

My boyfriend always brings me back skin care stuff from South Korea! What a life saver haha

kay helen says:

You’re so pretty

Ingrid Amel says:

Do Asian women use perfumes, and if they do, what kind of perfumes? I like your videos, you speak perfectly English

santhy family says:

Why does korean dont have pimples too

Stella K says:

Nancy, are you born in Korea?

Unnie BTS says:

Omg! They carry aromatica at CVS now!

Soumaya Youssef says:

You're so cute ❤

Kata rin says:

lol I use eye creams but I'm still a teen so I'm ready!!

watermelon bubblegum says:

One thing I noticed is that people that live in colder areas get better skin. Im chinese but I live in the Philippines. It's a tropical country, so I sweat a lot and my skin gets oily, and it gets red and itchy and stuff when I feel hot..but when I travelled to colder places like new zealand, hong kong and china, my skin got INSTANTLY BETTER. most of my acne disappeared and appeared again when I went back home. when I travelled to warm places like thailand, there was no changes on my skin so that proves my point

Abdullah Kamran says:

What happened to your hand

Never leave Mark Lee alone with a girl says:

Where is the Boniik store in Sydney?

Europa Man says:

Korean girls are so cute !

Jeffrey Go says:

without makeup so wow.. so beautiful thumb up!

mysterious world says:

lets be honest
this routine does not cure the damn acnes right ?
i have for years and their a big bumpy pinky acnes under my sking that once upon time they had white heads with soo much bleeding and then their pink scars under my skin

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