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Anagatto Williams says:

My face looked like this after exfoliating with baking soda,
I think that I rubbed it a little to long and hard. But after a few
days of oils to soften the scars, after a week or so they were gone.

sheiva ward says:

I found using pure aloe straight from the plant really helps my skin.

PayDae says:

You >>>

Shanae Young says:

It can also be the water. I see a difference between the water in the United States and in Jamaica where I was born. My skin always clears up when I go there

I.S NATION says:

Hey Mary Jane I've been subscribe to your Channel for a while, and really love your videos but I really want to know where does the beat come from? I love the instrumental.. if you have made it yourself or know who has please contact me up at my email address! Thank you….

NanaPearl pearl says:

Is your hair 100 percent natural

NanaPearl pearl says:

I been using my olive oil for my hair daily but my hair still feel dry or brittle

gi gi harris says:

I agree with you the food here has too many toxics. Too much pollution

Krystal Atkinson says:

Firstly girl can i just say a massive thank you using extra virgin olive oil on my face has changed my whole life and your skin and hair are so amazing !!!

Zoey Jones says:

Beautiful per the yooj

sherriffa mahoney says:

Wow is that ur real eyebrows. Girl it to die for. It's superb

graysbygrace says:

what is that rose product u used on ur skin in china called? and how do you get rid of black/white heads if you know??

Orange Blossom says:

Coconut oil is a natural heat protectant and tea tree oil is a great spot treatment. It basically draws the bacteria out of pores.

Die Daily says:

Where do you go to order your rose oil?

Monaafree What up says:

I love you, today was not a good day but you just give me hope with your fearlessness

ThisOwl says:

Did you create the background music in this video?

Saundra D says:

It looks like you boutta do a chem lab

Bintuu Sidibeh says:

I can say with my personal experience that maybe is the water in America, i'm from Spain and i've been in USA 2 times. While in Spain i had clear skin in USA i broke out like crazy. I dont know what they put into the water but IS NO GOOD. Sorry for my English if i write it wrong 🙂

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