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  1. My face looked like this after exfoliating with baking soda,
    I think that I rubbed it a little to long and hard. But after a few
    days of oils to soften the scars, after a week or so they were gone.

  2. I found using pure aloe straight from the plant really helps my skin.

  3. You >>>

  4. It can also be the water. I see a difference between the water in the United States and in Jamaica where I was born. My skin always clears up when I go there

  5. Hey Mary Jane I've been subscribe to your Channel for a while, and really love your videos but I really want to know where does the beat come from? I love the instrumental.. if you have made it yourself or know who has please contact me up at my email address! Thank you….

  6. Is your hair 100 percent natural

  7. I been using my olive oil for my hair daily but my hair still feel dry or brittle

  8. I agree with you the food here has too many toxics. Too much pollution

  9. Firstly girl can i just say a massive thank you using extra virgin olive oil on my face has changed my whole life and your skin and hair are so amazing !!!

  10. Beautiful per the yooj

  11. Wow is that ur real eyebrows. Girl it to die for. It's superb

  12. what is that rose product u used on ur skin in china called? and how do you get rid of black/white heads if you know??

  13. Coconut oil is a natural heat protectant and tea tree oil is a great spot treatment. It basically draws the bacteria out of pores.

  14. Where do you go to order your rose oil?

  15. I love you, today was not a good day but you just give me hope with your fearlessness

  16. Did you create the background music in this video?

  17. It looks like you boutta do a chem lab

  18. I can say with my personal experience that maybe is the water in America, i'm from Spain and i've been in USA 2 times. While in Spain i had clear skin in USA i broke out like crazy. I dont know what they put into the water but IS NO GOOD. Sorry for my English if i write it wrong 🙂

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