How i cut and style my hair | messy modern fade TUTORIAL

a lot of you have been asking how i cut and do my hair, so here it is. I am not that experienced with cutting my own hair, but im tired of paying for haircuts so yolo. Im probably doing a lot of stuff improperly, but this is just the way i cut my hair. Hope u liked it! Subscribe for some more videos like this !

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Keanu says:

The dance at the end was hrlla cringe

Mr. M says:

My man cuts his own god damn hair…


JXSON says:

todo trasquilado

El Acapulqueño says:

Nmms ese wey se tuzó

Intheyearof39 says:

even before you cut your hair, you looked handsome. That means this howto wouldn't be of help to me. then again enjoyed watching thanx

GrowHax says:

I fucked up my hair

HurtadoTz says:

Como se llama ese corte?

FoxCTy •Mortal says:

I’ll do this.

Justin Punch says:

Some dead trim ngl

I lied give me my like

Danger TV says:

Du denkst auch du wärst cool oder?!!

Danger TV says:

Du Schwüler huen

Repo Squad says:

You know barbers exist right

William Acheson says:

Fuck sake man what's with the gay rain dance

Trevor Phillips says:

Does this work with thin hair?

Pascaall says:

Ugly hairstyle

Omar Hussain says:

Man's literally saved me $40

Pabio Floner says:

the dance wasn't that bad wtf

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