HIGH BALD STRETCH TAPER/ Step By Step Tutorial | By Dlucs_

High Bald Taper With A 3 All Over, Did Not Touch The Beard

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  1. Your channel is highly underrated bro. I have a question: I have a cut throat razor for the purpose of shaping up my hairline (the barber does it then it will obviously grow out)
    What is the best way to use a cut throat when shaping yourself up? What should I do to my hairline before and after e.g creams?
    I hope my Q makes sense bro, thanks in advance!

  2. Do u have any idea why my t outliners are pulling my old ones did it so I adjusted it a bunch with the tension over a while but they never worked again now my new ones I ordered a week ago are doing it I’ve watched like every video on tension and I can’t get it from not pulling and it isn’t the blades either

  3. Dlucs, what do YOU prefer.? Oster fast feeds or the Oster speed lines? And why.?

  4. Nice fade bro! Just found this page so I subscribed!

  5. You're client is hot

  6. excellent work!

  7. nice! ilove your style.

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