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❤ Sadia

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  1. You are so calm your voice is so lovely and your tips are so beneficial can't stop to watch every video of yours at least thrice so that everything is stuck to my head.
    It would be great if you could meet you any time in my life❤️

  2. Can't download the grocery shopping list

  3. Great video, I'm going to try some of these tips. Thank you!

  4. Hello! Do you have any healthy eating idea/hacks for college students? Thank you!

  5. I've been Vegan for just over a month now and quite honestly without the information, inspiring ideas and general comforting support that oozes out of your channel, I'm not sure I could have managed it. I have, of course, made the switch for a number of reasons. As a performer, I have been turned away from countless auditions for being too 'meaty' (excuse the pun) or they will offer a position to me as long as I agree to lose weight or tone up. Obviously this made me confused as I lead a pretty healthy and active lifestyle (size Au 8) and couldn't work out what else I could possibly do to make me look leaner. What I have come to realise is that although I still fit into to 'skinny' size clothing, my biggest issue is actually cellulite; that makes my hard work in the gym and dance studio look like it did nothing for my body. How much do you know about targeting this area, could it possibly be a topic in a future video? Im still at the beginning of my Vegan journey, of course, but want to know if theres anything I can do to speed up the disappearance of cellulite as unfortunately it is still quite visible on my arms, legs stomach and bottom. Thank you for these wonderful videos and words of wisdom. Truly grateful for this channel.

  6. I love your content and the way you show us how to have a better life style. I am trying to go vegan and I was wondering if you could make a video about supplements and vitamins we should take 😀

  7. OMG! This so so Healthy! Nice video! I love it! 😀
    I'm vegetarian about my entire life, but I just started to change my habit of eating more healthily 3 weeks ago..
    The hardest things to buy would be cramberry and blueberry (i think at supermarket sell frozen cramberry or blueberry, but is kind of expensive) Is it possible to replace some other fruit?

  8. You should start your podcast….love love from India

  9. Please share the recipe of that wheat pasta

  10. Thanks for sharing! Always learning so much from your videos and loving your useful and creative tips and tricks 🙂 at which store do you get your frozen berries (in the Netherlands)? xx

  11. I just love you Sadia! you help us in many ways to enjoy our meals while maintaining our health!!
    Thank you!!!!

  12. Great tips, thank you so much!

  13. Keep making more videos ❤❤

  14. I seem to be sensitive to nuts and seeds. T_T How is one a vegan without any nuts and seeds? I feel devastated since I noticed TTATT I get pimples and zits soon after eating them TTATT

  15. this video was wonderful. thank you so much : )
    i love eating healthy but i kind of shy away from bringing healthy snacks to parties. this encouraged me to go for it next time.
    a seed tip of mine: i use sesame and hemp seeds on many meals as topping. they are small and just add a little bit of texture but they bring their nutrients as well. I use whole hemp seeds in joghurt to add crunch and unshelled ones in soups, on hummus and meals like curry.

  16. Love love love from Indonesia!

  17. Thanks for your tips! I always love your video Sadia ^^ happy holidays

  18. One of my favorite videos of you! So many great advices, can't wait to try them all:) Thank you for this amazing channel.

  19. Why can frozen berries sometimes be more nutritious than fresh berries? Many fresh fruits, like berries, and some vegetables too, are picked before they are ripe. This allows them time to fully ripen during transportation, but it means they had less time to obtain and develop a full range of vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants with help from the soil. Berries destined to be frozen, on the other hand, are picked at peak ripeness, when they’re most nutritious. Both fresh and frozen berries are wonderfully nutritious, and incredibly antioxidant rich; include these little gems in your meals and snacks whenever possible 🙂

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