HEALTH & WELLNESS TIPS! + Easy Recipes! vlogmas day 3


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Look Inside devotional:

love you sooo much thank you for watching 🙂 xxx Cambria



Amanda Casto says:

Thank you so much for the Bible study portion of these vlogs! I had just finished up a devotional and wasn’t sure what I was gonna do next and was really in the mood to just read straight from the Bible, rather than follow like a devo book or plan. So this is perfect! And I love what you have to say about each chapter 🙂

Amanda Casto says:

Also, eating the cookie dough is the best part of making cookies…duh lol

Franny O'Brien says:

Please do a how to be healthy in college video!!

Fabiola Lopez says:

I’m so surprised people still enjoy your content. I have it memorized by now.
Wake up, drink coffee, make your green juice, talk about workouts, include a bible verse here and there, talk about bo or Ben, cook something with sweet potatoes or greens, read a book before bed. Same redundant content. You don’t even reply to your viewers comments. You don’t provide new content. You’re lost for MONTHS and then randomly pop out with vlogmas. Looks like you need some extra $$

Khloe says:

Ben is so hilarious lol. I felt bad when nobody laughed at his joke hahaha

Intentionally Made says:

You can get on guard plus or put oils in veggie capsules. I like to do melaleuca, lemon, on guard frankincense and oregano in a veggie capsule. I also have it in a roller bottle with FCO and we roll it on our spines. It’s sooo helpful.

Always Animal says:

I've never made cookies by myself but with my friend…

Kaitlyn Byrum says:

Oh my goodness, this vlog had me laughing the whole time. Y'all are genuinely such sweet people! I had committed to reading the book of Luke before Christmas as well before I started watching your Vlogmas and it's so nice to listen to you go over the chapter for the day, especially if I didn't quite get what I read.


Your videos are my favorite vlogmas to watch!

Calley D says:

Don't feel bad Ben! I've made packaged cookies (they were awful), but I've stood in the way of mom's cookies, and sneaking cookie dough is the best!

Laura Brown says:

My dog Ares has so many nicknames…Aros, Aresboberries, bo bears, lil buddy, Aris, the boy, etc…lol

Samantha Bortolotti says:

I am loving your vlogs and all the healthy tips!! Keep sharing! The cookie baking was hilarious!!

bubblesBH says:

I’m so confused, did she move? Who is that girl? Sorry I have been gone for a while!

Kylie Mignone says:

I love the mini Luke bible study – I committed to reading the book before Christmas because of your vlogmas! I really enjoy hearing your perspective it is so helpful!

April L says:

Loving Vlogmas and all the hard work you put into it! 🙂

Bellina says:

Anyone know what’s in the cucumber juice? I think I saw almond milk go into it as well….??

Staria Grubb says:

This vlog made me laugh SO much!

Kasiah Danelle says:

Cam! What do you do with all the pulp after you’re done juicing? Do you have any use for it?

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