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Health tips on how to stay healthy on the road. There’s a lot of health tips out there but only a few deal with the straining challenges that come with traveling. Staying healthy on the road, staying healthy while traveling requires special health tips that ensure your optimal health, while at the same time being really simple and easy-to-follow healthy tips. If you like those health tips for traveling, HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON!

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ItsBTrue says:

Hey Max, so I live in Florida but I'll be in Colorado till December, the day after I left a cute girl I had been trying to get with told me she liked me and was sad I left and she wanted to visit me in Colorado. How can I keep her attraction and feelings in this state until I get back? I have run into this problem before where by the time I get back she is over it and the attraction is gone. So how often should I text her, about what, and any other tips you have for keeping her primed until I return

Gunnar Karlsson says:

Thanks Max, now I can look like Illidan while sleeping

Alex Bautista says:

Yo my dude, just wanted to give you a heads up that iPhones have "night shift mode" which looks like it takes the blue light out so without having to get the app iPhone users should be able to achieve the same effect.

Arman Views says:

u hv been to many cntries but not In India.I hope u will think about it!

Pseudo Symmetry says:

Tinfoils just scream you're growing pot inside your house lol. But thanks for the tips! Turns out sleeping masks and travel sleep in general is a pretty cool niche market.

Dany #gotaworldtosee says:

Great stuff , experienced many of the situations myself so the stuff is very applicable and easy to incorporate 😉 see you in the next vid

MaccuFNS says:

flux is fuckin amazing app i go to the sleep like a child

Gautam T. says:

thanks max, just installed flux. its awesome

Love Sick says:

What you said about the light and noise I 100% agree with as its helped me over the past few months massively. My question is when you are in the environments when you need to use these things there are usually other people around (hostels, friends houses, etc) Because you cannot hear or see this can leave you vulnerable to pranks, and in extreme cases danger. What would be your tips on these issues? obviously the answer is to stay in hotel rooms on your own, but if money is an issue and friends couches, plus hostels with lots of bunk beds in each room are you only choice what should you do? with friends houses its easier to ask people to not disturb you, but in hostels its not so easy. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Kellar says:

Do not use empty garbage bags unless you can handle the smell, lol. I tried it.

Mark Menke says:

How can you sleep on white noise? It makes me quite nervous :p

Oli Mercer says:

I've got the flux light now and I'm yawning already. Max you're the best. Any tips on getting laid when I go back to uni fellas?

Jamie T says:

Great tips… especially the sleep ones

Luke Howe says:

Have you cut the top knot?

MylesAbroad says:

Great video Max! I was wondering if you had any go-to healthy recipes that you eat a lot. I'm currently living abroad on a really tight budget and I want to be able to eat healthy without breaking the bank. Thanks!

Lilit B. says:

i wrote an article about sleep and you are right. we underestimate presence of any light on our brain while sleeping

Dom Bre says:

Good job , man ! Do you use contact lenses?

romeoka says:

Thank you so much for the sleeping advices

Ian Tomlin says:

I recommend the Wim Hof method for reducing your chances of getting sick

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