Health Hacks for Busy People



kallebgreen1 says:

misleading title

Ali Altaher says:

Sounds great , what is the alternatives for the people who had a gastric bypass sutgery? They must keep taking the multivitamins for their whole life. Anu suggestions?

Admin Jamie says:

All humans should take natural plant supplement that is nutrilite by AMWAY

1111 says:

Use organic vegan.

Dr. Sten Ekberg says:

There are healthy choices out there. The video is correct that 95% or vitamins are synthetic Feel free to ask me any questions on that video and I will try to help.

Jeff Low says:

Anyone know the song name of the background music?

Josh Clark says:

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Josh Clark says:

By the way, these are the concentrated whole food products our family has trusted our health to for over 25 years. My mother was very sick after losing her kidney, spleen and adrenal in an accident and having 10 children. Today in her 60's she's healthier than ever, running 10k road races and now training for a marathon!

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