Haul: Japanese Skincare (Bioré, DHC, AHA, etc…)

Just a quick haul of the skincare I have bought to use while I’m in Japan!

and HOLY CRAP my face looks so chubby in this vid ahahaha,
this was like right after I ate like a pig for 2 weeks straight…
yep, I need to tone down the eating :p

Products mentioned:

– [DHC] Deep Cleansing Oil
– [Bioré] Facial Cleansing Foam (Deep Clear)
– [MK customer] Foaming net
– [Bioré] Moisture Lotion
– [AHA] Gel Peeling Lotion
– [JUJU cosmetics] Aloe Moisturising Cream A
– [Bioré] Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++
– [Meléndez] Tiny Pit Essence Complete Pore Refiner



Fernanda Lee says:

Nice products!
You make me miss Japan so much (╥_╥)
Enjoy your stay there ^^

Keri N says:

You are super pretty!!

MC ZZ says:

do you have a review for the Tiny Pit Essence Complete Pore Refiner?

Sruti Bhattarai says:

This is my second video of yours and you are cute…hope you'll see this video..whatever you use is famous in japan and biore is too good for any skin ..you are a beauty guru but I suggest you to not use any daiso skin product..may be you are not gonna use but it's just a suggestion..you can use daiso eyeshadow and mascara and eyebrow pencil but don't use any cream and lipstick or balm cause it's cheap and not good for skin..many of beauty bloggers said that it's good but I live in japan and my anty and friend used it and first it's good but after 2,3 months your skin gets darker and lips get too darker like you drink cigarette :)japanese also don't use these product often…but you can use nailpolish and nailpolish remover too…to be honest japanese buy expensive product for skin not daiso :..and I don't like those product too…

Nic K says:

Hii I love your videos and you're so so pretty! Have you gone to Japan during May at all? I'm not sure how to dress.. Is it warm then? :/

Mokiimo says:

How did the Melendez essence work for you?

Katy S says:

What routine can you recommend for teens using japanese skin care products?

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