Gwyneth Paltrow's Nighttime Skincare Routine | goop

Gwyneth shows us how she keeps her skin looking glowier than ever with her must-have clean beauty products. Watch as she shows how to get ready for her with her evening beauty regimen.

Product Featured:
goop by Juice Beauty Luminous Melting Cleanser:
goop by Juice Beauty Enriching Face Oil:
goop by Juice Beauty Perfecting Eye Cream:

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Donna Cabot says:

Hypocritical person. Shes a smoker. That'll wreck ur skin.

Tiff Tom says:

she looks very "weathered" and what happened to taking your eye makeup off?

Moo _ says:

That looks like a green screen not a bathroom does anyone agree

Emmeline Sofia says:

She’s wearing make up! She looks like crap!

Nicholas Pina says:

bad work on the video! I prefer other videos to this one. If in a blind test I watched this video, I would scream. Your skin needs three creams tops and THATS IT. Better luck next video. Yours loveingly, Nic.

mrs5 says:

Cream over the oil? Most dermatologists say oil goes on last bc creams and serums can’t penetrate the oil.

Trish Delish says:

I will forever love Gwyneth. I’ve been following her since I, we were both young. Younger. She’s my age and looks great. No sagging, her neck looks great. Natural beauty.

Fodil Khalile chorfi says:

Ilove you Gwyneth

S A says:

Please go away and come back to reality you are so fake

drunky monkey says:

Jesus……your wearing make-up!!! Chris m8…..dodged a fucking bullet there dog!

Belle Kane says:

Don’t knock it till you try it. I use it and I feel like my skin is so clean and makeup free I promise.

Rita Wright says:

i would love to try your products but i would have to pretty much mortgage my house.

Dordaneh Dee says:

Doesn’t seem she cleaned the face at all!

Montana Roots says:

She has no tits, no ass, and a face that on her best day is mediocre. If her mom wasn’t blowing directors to get her jobs she’d never have become famous having the body of a teenage boy. Dunno who would want to tap that ass when there are actual women that are shaped like women without being pretentious and having a 3 out of 10 face.

Emily L says:

You forgot to steam your vagina.

Axl.W. Rose says:

Her clavicle looks razor sharp…new type of surgery?

Dee Manfre says:

Erm u didn't remove ur eye makeup

sheshines4all says:

I keep wanting to wipe her eyes with a really gentle eye makeup remover. Maybe Chanel's? lol
Even when she has supposedly taken all of her makeup off, her eyes still look so dark, saggy and discoloured on the lid area etc. Her eyes mos def need some extra tlc!

sheshines4all says:

I use Erno Laszlo, La Roche – Posay, Bioderma, Caudalie, Estee Lauder etc. All are 100 times better than Goop could ever hope to be, and wayy cheaper.
Don't waste your money!
Sorry (not sorry).. Tis' Tru.

Tina Petviashvili says:

What is wrong with you people? how much anger, sarcasm and negativity, I also cannot afford it, but reading your negative comments is more disturbing then the price of a cream…. 🙁

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