Forehead Wrinkles Massage – Do It While You Watch It

This clip compliments my ‘Smooth Out Forehead Wrinkles’ video:

This format has been requested to allow You Lovely People to do the massage in a real time as I do it.

❤ In 3 consecutive videos I’m addressing the following problems
1. Smile wrinkles:
Do it while you watch it:

2. Eye wrinkles :
Do it while you watch it:

3. Forehead wrinkles:
Do it while you watch it:

Where are you from?
– I’m originally from Poland, from nearly 10 years I live in the UK
How old are you?
– I’m 28
What’s your profession?
– During the day I work in financial services, YouTube is my hobby where I share my passion for massage and beauty
What’s your skin type?
– Normal to dry with the tendency to shiny T-zone
Which oil are you using?
– I’m using grape seed oil. Mine is by brand “Suma” but you can get it cheaply by other brands e.g. on eBay (ships worldwide) :
Can I use another oil? Which oil is the best for massage?
– I answer on my blog here:
Should I take off the oil after the massage?
– I answer on my blog here:
Will my skin become saggy from massaging?
– I answer on my blog here:

❤ My skincare
If you would like more info about my skincare check out these videos:
How to Get Crystal Clear and Glowing Skin –
Morning Routine for Moistfull Dewy Skin –

In a nutshell – my fav products I use for clear and healthy skin are:
– MY FAVOURITE COSMETIC EVER – Japanese Hada Labo Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid (eBay link, ships worldwide):
– MORE OF MY FAVE: Hada Labo Milk Arbutin Whitening or 3D Collagen Lifting Lotion – you choose (eBay link, ships worldwide):
– Moistfull Collagen Emulsion for BOUNCY SKIN (eBay link, ships worldwide):
– Whitening cream with Kojic Acid that WORKS (eBay link, ships worldwide):

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Soul Theory says:

Does this really work? I have fine lines and I'm 16

Zwykły Typo says:

Did anyone test it?

Nono Nono says:

ترجمة بالعربية

Maddie Kove says:

Do I leave the oil on or wash it off?

Isaac kent says:

Are you using an oil on forehead while you do this? Looks oily.

Isaac kent says:

That cute lil smile, you're adorable.

pupinder kaur says:

Which oil we use for this

20k Subs No Video Challenge says:

When I do the sideways move, I notice that at that moment, lines get even more defined, I wonder if that is making them even worse.

Veena Raja says:

Hi dear… Hop ur doing well… Ur amazing with ur most effective Massages…….can u upload a demo on how to use the facial jade roller….. Love u tons… Lots of love… God bless.. India…

Pushpa Rani says:

But mam oil increases risk of breakout

YoungDeku says:

When I started following the video, I was a tad hopeful but also thinking things like "anyone can post a video and say something works. Probably won't work, but whatever" and I felt a bit silly. When I was done, I looked in the mirror and said "oh!", because my face actually looked better.

sinisterhomicide 36 says:

420 dislikes lets goooo!!!!!

Elizabeth Ramcharan says:

Very nice I tried it

Lord Champa says:

Im a guy but this is still pretty helpful, thanks

ALisON 's STudIO says:

I m 22 and i notice wrinkles on my forehead few days ago and It's giving me anxiety.. I don't use any beauty products.. So how can i remove it without any chemical product.. I'm to young to use aging cream and stuff.. Plz help me..

M B says:

You look super-kissable.

x x_TwitterAndSammy_x x says:

I’m so young but when I raise my eyebrows I get a lot of wrinkles and then they’ll stay there for the rest of the day noticeably

MizzAugust says:

I have to doubt this on over 60 skin. but thanks, seems more for prevention.

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