Foods That Can Help Avoid Wrinkles, Spots, and Saggy Skin

Naturopathic doctor Karuna Sabnani reveals the anti-aging foods you can eat to strengthen your skin.

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Riaz Yousaf says:

Can we mix the pomegranate with the Lemon

Mary Holmes says:

Great tidbids thank you

Chris Gault Healthy Living says:

Great stuff as usual, thanks for the video!

Tomas Nofziger says:

Good video. One correction—perhaps a misspeak. The ND says: "Silica has really high collagen." No, not exactly. Vitamin C, + its constituent bioflavonoids + (mono) orthosilicic acid are the main ingredients required by connective tissues to make collagen. Inorganic silica (sand) is the anhydride of orthosilicic acid, Si(OH)4, which means that all water has been removed. 

Virtually all products in US health food stores, like silicon dioxide from horsetail, are totally useless. Biosil@ from Natural Factors has the right formula. Plus, it's stabilized with choline. However, 5mg is way too little. The product is a rip-off. IF you want good results, go on-line to Hakala Labs (Wyoming). This family of pharmacists compounds the correct formula and at the proper dosage of 150mg / tablet. 

Eat the 3 vegetable the ND suggests. Good advice. But add Ester-C in a base of bioflavonoids—1,000mg/daily or double that amount if you're training hard athletically and tearing down both connective and muscle tissues (and your immune system). Here's the link to Hakala Labs—family owned. All their products are superior.

Adnan A says:

Naturopathy isn’t real science

Molly Allis says:

Hey how can deafs undy what you are saying? Please put CC n why not turn sounds off then?

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