Foilayage Hair Technique – How to Balayage Brunette Virgin Hair | Tutorial on Sierra Schlutzzie


I got to do the lovely Sierra Schultzzie’s ( hair! We did a a major transformation on her virgin hair into a gorgeous balayage + lob with my signature foilayage technique!

If you want to see the behind the scenes from Sierra’s video and to see why she made this major hair change after 4 years of not coloring her hair, check out her video here:

And she also vlogged the whole experience too which you can watch here:

This technique is perfect for clients who haven’t colored their hair in a while or are wanting a big change!

If you want to watch the video about how to charge your worth I mentioned at the end, check it out here:


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Rinad Maram says:

What's the conditioniar

Laurie Ratliff says:

I want to watch you do the haircuts !!!! please

Dante Velasquez says:

Very nice! Is she a natural level 5 or 6?

Jennifer Allen says:

Hi Jamie. What was here starting natural level? Beautiful end result

Mane Gt says:

Beautiful good job!

Lisa Blood says:

Beautiful! Work..what brand are your glasses they look nice on you..thanks for sharing..

jlcdoll says:

I love your videos so much!!! Great content. I can tell you are a natural teacher. I love the voice you use when you’re in your color area, telling us what you’re doing. Otherwise, it seems like you’re trying to be loud for us to hear. I don’t think it’s needed though. It’s so loud at the very beginning. I hope this is helpful rather then hurtful. That’s def not my intention

Again, thank you for sharing with the hair community, your technique and thought processes. I’m such a fan!

Daniel Alexander says:

Thank you so much for your videos! I have been watching them only for a couple of months, and I learn SO MUCH from you. I love your work and how you explain even the smallest details—details make the color. ♥️♥️♥️ Do you have a Snapchat you post to?

farka muj says:

Please help I am new here can we do it without cut down I don't really want to cut down my hair

shooklookdani says:

jamie when i do this technique i feel like i still dont get enough lift because i dont fold the foils up close to the head so i dont get as much heat from the head to help process. what should i do?

Julia Ollett says:

Thank you soo much for saying how much time it took you. I always feel bad about how much time foils take me but it looks like I'm right on par.

Ryan Lynn says:

Can we use Olaplex 2 instead of conditioner for blending? Or is Olaplex to thick and heavy?

Minimalish Girl says:

I like your bobby pin tattoo, that is so cute and unusual!

Joshua Palumbo says:

You’re the greatest! Thx for the amazing videos

Laura Robinson says:

Hey Jamie, I quite often take 2 hours for balayage application and sometimes feel bad about keeping the client for longer but would rather take my time to get a awesome result rather than rushing and being more concerned about timing. Hearing you say you took 5 hours from start to finish made me feel so much better about how I do my clients, I've always believed the end result is everything!

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