Finally, This Japanese Secret Has Been Revealed – Miraculous Rejuvenating Face Mask That Will…

Always looking good, beautiful, healthy and young are the Japanese women. It seems that it is due to nature that they have porcelain- pale complexion and face without wrinkles.

However, in the fight against wrinkles and aging apparently, they have a miraculous ally, which has been used since ancient times in their beauty care- rice.

Vitamin B which is excellent in the prevention of aging, recovers the skin cells and stimulates their growth as well and rice is abundant with it.

By women in Japan it has been regularly used as a remedy that will improve their skin and prevent premature aging.

Today, this hidden recipe of a facial mask with rice and honey that will make your skin look good, healthy and shiny very soon is finally revealed.

Method of preparation:

In order to cook them place 2-3 tablespoons of rice in water. Remove them from heat when they are soft and strain the mixture. Pour the water into another bowl.

The rice should be washed with water. Next, add a tablespoon of warm milk in it, stir and add the honey. In order to get a smooth mixture stir once more.

On your neck and face apply the resulting mixture and leave it to act for 30 minutes. Afterward, rinse with warm water.

Up to 4 days can be used the water in which you have cooked the rice. Refrigerate it and use it as a face lotion. Also, from this water you can make some ice cubes and use them to do a facial massage. High in antioxidants is this rice water and possesses strong absorbing qualities. Moreover, it effectively hydrates your skin and prevents the effects of the harmful UV rays of the sun.


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xxxRampage1xxx says:

starch isn't good for the body so how would this work,can you explain on a cell level please?

Rayna Clarke says:

I think the secret is that Japanese women eat it all the time. They eat it on a daily basis. Im sure the mask helps but if you really think about it, it's the fact that they are eating it all the time, getting the vitamins directly into their system.

Furrybabys H says:

I know an asian woman. very thin nice completion, she said the women in her culture only eat rice, broth and steamed veges everyday. the men eat anything they desire, but the women have to stay slim. so maybe it's just the diet.

Shashi Chana says:

Many thanks for sharing this video.

Anita Gibb says:

this is total bs. it is a scientific fact that Asians have more collagen. collagen is what holds the skin taut. that's why they look young for a long time. however one can prevent collagen loss by taking bio identical hormones and optimizing nutrition.

I-Love-Music says:


but uncomplete and not working Receipt !
The Rice will not stay on your Skin, it will fell of.
So U have to mix the Rice with some of the Rice Water
and Honey in a Blender ! This Pudding like Mixture will remain
on your Skin much better.

Try it"

Alamelu Ganapathy says:

which brand of Japanese rice good for face mask

李子远 says:

Abselouly work, my mom also use rice water everyday,,, she have no wrinkle on her face , she is 50 year old now

pathan Norin says:

Plss!! Glas skin remdy!

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