We’re giving you a tour of the store & responding to more of your comments and questions. We really appreciate all the love and feedback. We made this channel to share our process to opening our beauty supply store. We hope that somewhere along the lines of sharing our process, we can help and encourage others.

Security cameras: Zmodo surveillance cameras

We are going live on instagram @ 7pm on 6/26 so tune in !

Names: Gia and Kamara
Location: Bowie, Maryland

IG : https://www.instagram.com/newme_beautysupply/
Website: https://newmebeautysupply.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/NewMeBeautySupply/?ref=settings



Loveroflife says:

I am VERY interested in this and supplying black owned products 🙂 first step repair the credit !!

Shanan Ivory says:

Love this! Congrats! Love that supplying black owned products as well

LaToya Hodge says:

What do you do to advertise?

Jess Richardson says:

What’s a good profit margin for a beauty supply company? How do you determine pricing?

Aaleah Lee says:

I just love you two! You guys are dropping jewels! I don’t think there are any videos on here giving the info you two are.. thanks chicas!

Tayanna Lewis says:

Hey! Congratulations!! I am going to open a beauty supply store myself . I wish I had a partner but unfortunately I don’t . I’m doing all this alone lots and lots of research . But what is the Facebook name I didn’t catch it . I been also looking for wholesalers , looking for good location , etc. I am from Boston ma and ready to get started . Wish I can have y’all contact information lol

beautiful one says:

Hey ladies congratulations, how do you know how much hair to order for your store?

dryhail says:

ummm super nice store! Young lady with the shirt has nice laugh, the other girl with the dress on is a bit of a stiff!

"I have no reason to lie, they're not paying me!" ughhhhhh hate those types. #defensiveMuch Why so mad son?

Cherina Breon says:

U legit favor EVE 🙂

MyXtendz Beauty says:

Would you do a inventory video?

Sarah B says:

I love you guys, congratulations sisters!

Tori Uptown says:

yes to NYC girls doing it in other places. we are the true hustlers of America lol

shnika thompkins says:

Thank you so much for this informative I just started watching you ladies and I love your videos.

Chasity Love says:

Did yall get a loan to open the store?? And if so how do yu go about getting a loan for a beauty supply store?

Hellen Takriti says:

Congratulations on your beautiful store! Your store looks amazing! I love your display, where did you buy your shelving from?

ChaniaMor Chania says:

Do you guys profit enough to pay your bills win this business yet ? Or is all the money being recycled into the business for now ? Do you guys sell wigs ? My plan is to place beauty supplies in black neighborhoods that don’t have any. Believe it or not , there are areas where ppl don’t have access to beauty supply stores.

Meisha Guild says:

The point of watching the video is to get the information..telling us it’s online isn’t helpful…like the different license we would need that’s a hard thing to navigate we need a list. I found this video while searching online… the point of YouTube videos is to actually make an effort to be helpful. Not just small talk about it.

Liza B says:

9:34 omg I told myself that this morning. I need to start planning

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