Fakeaway Factory Health Hacks Question Session | October 2018

Thank you so much to our wonderful Fakeaway Family for all the questions you’ve sent us. We did our very best to answer them. Let’s do it again sometime! Time codes (skip to questions):

0:39 Any pasta substitutes for spag Bol?

2:08 Swaps and hacks for fizzy drinks?

8:22 Diane Sanfillipo shout out https://balancedbites.com/21-day-sugar-detox/

10:32 Three hacky things you can’t live without (Adele goes first).

14:30 Kate’s 3 hacky things

17:00 Are there more affordable alternatives to ingredients you use? Can you recommend?

17:57 My only sugar vice is millionaires shortbread. Any tips on removing the guilt?

20:28 Best workouts for burning fat on legs

24:15 Where do you get your dungarees from I.e. the green ones in the chai latte video

24:42 any tips to cure that sweet cravings after a meal?

27:19 just to say your protein pancakes are delicious with Greek yoghurt and berries

27:38 Dessert ideas for gluten free, lactose free and sugar free but not fun free

28:35 How long did you work out for in the body building challenge?

30:32 Any calm down / anxiety tips?

36:36 What are your essentials you always try and have in the cupboard / fridge?

41:15 Favourite fakeaway you’ve done?

42:02 Protein powders that are dairy free for coeliacs and not disgusting

43:51 How did you come up with this idea and hope you’re releasing a book?

46:10 Pizza hacks?

46:20 Where do you get all of your ingredients from? I can never find anything

47:26 Tips on drinking more fluids / making water taste better? Dentist said fruit in water is bad.

48:31 Is cardio the best thing to do in the morning?

51:05 How did you initiate the curbing of your sugar in take?

52:47 Will you do a Fakeaway advent calendar please?

53:40 Favourite song?

56:31 What workouts are good for muffin tops?

58:05 Will you do Race To The Stones again?

58:57 Fakeaway Pumpkin pie?

59:04 Oh my god please make a Fakeaway Parmo I beg.

1:00:53 What’s your go to midweek dinner?

1:01:25 Hacks for how to be a fat greedy fat piggie?

1:03:21 A Fakeaway something for the evening to snuggle by the fire with

1:03:52 Any energy tips?

1:06:59 Healthy nut free desserts?

1:07:47 What’s the best time to eat meals?

1:09:47 What do you do when you’re still hungry?



Hamster Hamster says:

Want to shout you guys for your honesty. Love ya loooooooong time xx

Hamster Hamster says:


Anna says:

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? Btw great informative tips!

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