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Manny Ak 47 says:

The was a free cut. That's why he let him do it.

PANDA says:

What beard?

Renato Vazqez says:

Sorry bro but that was fail good luck with hack job you will be left with after you take a shower

Dusek Levay says:

Omg 16 minut?????? Stupid

Dusek Levay says:

I think…this shit is only for indians dirty asses and muslim bitches

Sam Stanton says:

Fade not that great.

Trojan Hawk says:

Faded beards can look awesome. You took way too much off by the ear so the fade is too short! Not. Ad though!

Samuel Parker says:

What. Is. This.

D H says:

Yeah I thought you only blend within the sideburns. This is trash man

Montraille Fentress says:


Boy Dope says:

This guy dont know what he is doing

Kevin Saeed says:

THAT WILL GET U LAID… straight up

lak ich schick dich Ackern says:

Bad dont do that again

Justin Montgomery says:

Took all the fullness out of the beard then took forever doing it hell nah now he got a puberty beard

Rayhan says:

everybodys hating on you bro.. this looks really good, thanks for the help!

Jorge Garcia says:

Boy can take a punch fasho

Pablo Oliveira says:

Theses spray is only gay, how idiot invent this shit? fuck

MrHabib says:

Lol load of shit

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