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FAQ’s –

Where are you from? Newcastle, North East of England.
What is your accent? Geordie.
What camera do you use? Either my iphone 8 plus, front camera or my camera which is Sony A5000 – https://go.magik.ly/ml/dxx1/
What lighting do you use? Ring light – https://go.magik.ly/ml/dxx2/
When did you start YouTube? I started 2016 however only uploaded 3 videos I really started my channel in January 2017
How old are you? 22, SHOCK! I know I look 15. Lol. My birthday is 30th June.
What do you edit with? IMovie on my Macbook
How often do you post videos? New video on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!
What’s wrong with your mouth? NOTHING. I make weird faces, get over it.
Will you vlog more often? Yes, I vlog holidays and any special occasions. I used to vlog my weekends however I don’t know if people found them boring or not. If you do want me to vlog more make sure you let me know!
How long have you been with Sean? 6 years on 14th November 2018.
Favourite shops? Poundland & Primark.
Favourite colour? Red and yellow.
Do you drive? Yes, I passed my test around 3 years ago, however it did take me 5 attempts to pass haha!

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I’m going to use the quote “just a girl and her iphone” because honestly that’s what my channel is about, I started my channel because I would endlessly watch people on YouTube and thought it looked so much fun however I struggled to relate to the majority of people I watched for different reasons. I want to be someone you can relate to, like your having a chat with your mates is the vibes I hope to give off! I promise to all you lovely lot to never become this commercialised sell out who just does sponsored videos and doesn’t care about their audience. I will do sponsored videos but they will be 100% items I’ve used before or have personally tested myself for a period of time. If you every feel I’m not sticking to these promises CALL ME OUT ON IT! It is easy to fall into a trap and I don’t want that to happen to me.

Thank you so much for watching my video and any support you may have given. It means so much to have so many genuine supporters on my channel. You mean the world and MORE to me! I LOVE YOU!!



jacq says:

Anytime something scratches the eye you could be damaging your cornea so get those suckers soaked off. little bit of castor and veggie oil mixed together and just soak cotton and let them sit on the eyes. Even steam helps (unless the glue locks on when wet)

Terrii Harrell says:

That eye was so irritated lol

Boston_Mama84 says:

Did she do individual lashes or a full strip? If individual she may have put them too close to your actual lash line/skin. They supposed to be about 1mm or so from the skin or else you can get severe irritation. I hope your next experience is better

Mae Schmidt says:

Oh no no no…. those are not lash extensions. Sorry this happened to u

Stella Baker says:

I’d say cash only is the first red flag unless it’s a home studio

Simply Me says:

Such a sweetie, so sorry you went through that.

Simpletrish says:

You need to go to the hospital

intoxicatedfantasy says:

You are hideous!

Louise Cairns says:

U have glitter all ova yhat side of ur face lots round ur eye area hope ur eye is better now

Louise Cairns says:

The royal queys i live nxt to there 🙂

Bunny Tsukino says:

I have to fillum

Katrina BT says:

Jesus you have put me off ever letting anyone near my lashes full stop not being funny not only ARE they different lengths and sizes and sore they don't look nice either don't know what you ended up doing later in the day but I would have soaked them off …..that is coming from someone who is a beginner in the beauty industry…….. just noticed your eyebrows aren't that good either I think you need to go to a different beautician

jeff cardarella says:

The Whisper™️ quiet lash artist source capture ventilation system removes & captures eyelash extension cyanoacrylate glue vapors, protecting your Breathing Zone from inhalation overexposure.


Nemesis Avenger says:

Eyebrows need to be lighter and thinner.
Eyelashes do not suit her.

Lauren Lopez says:

I think they look pretty, but watering eyes means badly applied, as I guess ya know. Its a shame cos they do look nice xx

Shannon Louise says:

Are you a geordie? x

Heather Munoz says:

You're gorgeous without those horse whips!

Lisa Odessa says:

There to long

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