Eyelash Extension Removal Technique


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  1. This is so satisfying to watch

  2. Just remove the white strip instead of cleaning it

  3. The woman sings like she's dead and the music seems like it just came out of a horror movie make me depressed

  4. Que musica tan fea!

  5. Q nggak suka music nya

  6. Omg the music made me feel so bad for the girl with the lashes. She barely has any.

  7. For those who say it isn't good for eyes to remove lashes this way, she used the cream and gel removers which is not liquid and can't run into the eyes. It doesn't burn the eyes at all so the model doesn't react. I am sure if it irritated or burn the eyes, model couldn't be calm like this.

  8. como puedo hacer un removedor casero?

  9. this technique borders on negligent…..

  10. Ok I’m looking through the comments and everyone is complaining about the music when I’m trying to figure out what she is using to get the lashes off that quickly??

  11. Music makes it so much more relaxing

  12. I am scared

  13. I feel like I’m going to die and something will pop out and take my soul with this music

  14. Earrraaapppee

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