Egyptian Beauty Secrets

Egyptian Beauty Secrets
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Sea salt is an amazing exfoliator. The abrasive properties of sea salt help remove all the dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and glossy. Sea salt also has an unbelievable effect on acne. Long term use of this ingredient can help you get rid of those ugly bumps permanently and the best part is, it is very affordable and very simple to use.
Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and has many health benefits to its credit. Did you know that the ancient egyptian women applied this spice as eye shadow?
Honey is a great moisturizer and helps keep your skin free of wrinkles and acne. Honey also helps in maintaining flawless complexion and skin glow. It also helps keep the skin soft.
Milk is the kind of ingredient that is suitable for all skin types. If your skin is too oily, milk acts as the perfect cleanser as it dissolves in the fat cells and removes oil and dirt from the skin. This property also helps remove all the dead cells from the skin. Milk is also a great exfoliator as the lactic acid present in it helps break down all the dead skin cells. The lactic acid in milk also help reduce pigmentation and treats acne and sunburn. It is also a great moisturiser which hydrates your skin and gives it a smooth texture. Did you know that cleopatra used to bathe in milk every single day? Milk is also a great moisturiser and the ancient egyptians often combined it with honey to make a beauty mask.
Aloe vera is a tropical plant and also known as the plant of the desert. The gel from this plant is used to treat skin burns. Aloe vera is also a great moisturizer so no wonder you find it included as one of the ingredients in most of our modern skin care products. And not just externally but it works wonders internally as well as the gel of aloe vera aids in digestion and treats constipation. And not just for your skin and body, but it also works wonders on your hair. Did you know that the aloe vera gel is a natural hair straightening agent? So, now we know how the egyptians straightened their hairs thousands of years ago and of course without the trouble of damaging it!
Kohl is an ingredient which was used by the ancient egyptians around their eyes. And not just egyptians, this ingredient was and is still used in many parts of south-east asia. Kohl is a natural eye liner and the ancient egyptians used it for a variety of reasons. This dark ingredient made their eyes stand out and appear even bigger than their actual size. Apart from that, it also had various other benefits. Kohl protects the eyes from various infections and is also believed to improve eyesight! It is also believed that Kohl helps grow your eyelashes! Wow! now that’s something extraordinary. Kohl is made from lead but this lead is different from the white lead which is sort of harmful for your skin. This black ingredient extracted from lead is actually beneficial for the eyes and also helps clean the eyes and keep them cool. Who knew beauty has so many benefits?
Henna was a natural nail polish and hair dye used thousands of years ago. Henna is believed to have amazing benefits for your hair and skin. Henna is an ancient herb indigenous to the tropics and has found its place in many traditions. It can strengthen and smoothen your hair. What can be better than that right? Oh wait, there’s more! Henna also removes dandruff and promote hair growth.Wait what? One ingredient can do all that? Why didn’t I know this earlier? Now for those folks who are getting too excited, let me talk about the other side of this magical ingredient. Henna is associated with a pungent earthy smell which might bother some people, who actually say that it smells like cow dung. Hmm, that’s interesting! But anyway some people seem to have no problem with it mostly because of its added cooling effect. Also, be careful if you are applying henna with your bare fingers as it will surely turn them a beautiful orange to red colour depending on the time of exposure. There, now you see where the natural nail polish comes from! Of course the stain goes away on its own in a few days. Now, with so many incredible benefits all coming naturally and without any toxins or chemicals, this magical herb is hard to resist.
Coconut oil is beneficial for your hair, skin and body which makes it the perfect ingredient for our overall well being. Coconut oil is considered a superfood. Also considered a good fat, consuming just 1 to 2 tablespoons daily can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. It also helps regulate hormonal balance and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging your hair regularly with coconut oil can promote hair growth and strengthening. Additionally, it also helps in the treatment of lice which is often associated with long hair.
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