Egypt Ancient Cosmetics

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  1. Pretty cool that ancient Egyptians synthesized their own compounds.

  2. is that the whole documentary?it seemed to me like i watched the second half….

  3. Yes you could well be correct. When I started to use VHS in the eighties tape was expensive and later using dvd+/-r and dvd+/-rw  to record and transfer discs were expensive and so content was recorded as it came along. Also it was a bit of a hit and miss affair and so some recordings started into the program or tape/disc ran out before end. I also didn't always record a whole series. Overall an exciting time seeing the evolution of home video recording.

  4. Could it be possible they wore eyeliner to reflect the sun just like a lot of athletes do? Especially since they were Sun worshippers.

  5. Thank you for this

  6. Hi Nut and thanks for having a look. This video seems to be one of the more popular I have uploaded. If interested in ancient Egypt you might want to have a look/search for recently discovered tomb of a high priest. I haven't had time to research news reports however will do so soon.

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