Easy Cooking Hacks For Eating Healthy

What recipe will you try next?

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Steel wire shopping basket full of healthy food
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Food concept, raw whole chicken on polystyrene tray
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Spill blue berry and strawberry from a glass
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Close-Up Of Brown Flaxseeds On Spoon At Table
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Open Coconut
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Kale, Close-up
Creativ Studio Heinemann/Getty Images
Super Foods
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  1. You should have milk and fruits separately to prevent toxicity and imbalances

  2. Is anyone not even bad about the butter, but how they botched the acai bowl. Frozen fruit, people! you're supposed to use frozen fruit.

  3. 1:49 is that why it tasted so bad?

  4. Nice..:) use full video

  5. Kale is bad for you

  6. Who the hell puts popcorn in a freaking mason jar? Maybe people should stop being “trendy” because practicality is more important

  7. Fed up with following several healthy tips? There's a solution that I found out of my encounter. Simply type in Google as: "HealthZap99" to discover the new healthy tips.

  8. It’s called a parfait…

  9. Instead of Butter For the chicken you can put Coconut oil Instead Because, Butter Is fat, Fat turns into sugar and then turns into weight.

  10. So in the berries there are supposed to be bananas true fact but there should be no straw berries because they have seeds on the outside not inside like a banana?!?! ( berries have seeds on the inside not outside )

  11. What if the uncooked rice has bugs inside it

  12. Fruit is just pure sugar though….. sure it has some health benefits but so does veggies

  13. Really, almost everything in this video is so expensive. Why would you use coconut oi/butter? Not only the price is high, but it's actually almost the same as other oils. Just use sunflower oil, it's cheaper, and it also has a lot of health benefits.

  14. eats doritos while watching
    Me: Oh yes people should do this more
    keeps eating doritos

  15. 0:53… Im no chef, so I could be an idiot… but why not replace butter with coconut oil or olive oil?

  16. Considers coconut oil as one of the healthiest food.
    Cook chicken by using butter!!

  17. 0:42 I'm a vegetarian to everything but salmon, I can't eat chicken T.T

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