Dr. Oz and Tim Tebow on Cutting Carbs

Dr. Oz and Tim Tebow, athlete and author, explain what happens inside your body when you eat carbs.

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Stephanie Bogart says:

Please tell me he eats fruits and veggies though. Gonna have to watch this when it comes on now. Well played Dr. Oz

A. says:

I can't believe there are people that actually go on this diet. Horrific.

Jeffrey J says:

This explains why he isn't playing football anymore.. Doesn't have any damn fuel.

Martha Alexandra says:

Had anyone tried that diet ? Would be cool if you would share your experience.

Precious Freedom says:

In the last 7 months on a vegetarian ketogenic diet, I have cured my plantar fasciitis, lost 25 pounds (many inches too!), improved my memory, regulated my blood sugar and calmed my mind. I am no longer a slave to food! I have eaten so many vegetables, but I only eat once or maybe twice a day. Can you even imagine not thinking about food? Do you know how much money I have saved? It's an amazing way of life living on ketones. Search for Dominic D'Agostino for the science and Dr. Jack Kruse if you want to step up to the next level.

Corey Starke says:

I like that

Aaron Osborne says:

this diet is horrible for you long term. regardless the body still has to convert the proteins he's eating to sugars. the brain cannot live without sugar. this is dangerous for an athlete especially. there have been lawsuits out on the Atkins diet. you might want to rethink this Mr.tebow!

Munni Vyas says:

Dr oz invite expert and he is the one talk . He don't give chance expert to say anything so why he is invite expert. Dr oz look like he is expert in all area is it?

B Tron says:

I like how Oz argued years ago with Gary Taubes and dean ornish about fat being bad for you and carbs are better. Then he’s doing this. K….

Elizabeth Nelson says:

The first time I watched this I didn't catch the belly rising. Curious if an individuals fat storage area is their butt or thighs will that be getting larger too? Dr. Oz has a great way of explaining visually that which can be an entire class lesson for a teacher like me. I still have website printouts from Oprah.com on omentum.

Danielle Glover says:

You should be ashamed “Dr.” Oz! Implying that broccoli and other vegetables are processed and affect our bodies the same way as cupcakes and cookies? Telling people to eat more cheese, meats, and BUTTER????? Common sense tells you that’s a sure track way to high cholesterol, plaque build up, and a host of other problems. So sad that this is what America is depending on for their “health” advice.

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