Dr. Meghan: Apple Cider Vinegar–Good for your skin? Weight loss?

If you google “apple cider vinegar,” apparently it can do just about anything! Can this household product do everything the rumors claim?

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Please note that research is constantly changing. Every effort has been made to include the most current studies, however, since this publication there may be new research that was unable to be included in this video.



jules short says:

Really nicely summarized! Thank you!

Joanna T says:

I tried apple cider vinegar as a toner once and thought my skin was going to burn off. I don’t have sensitive skin but it turned bright red and has never been so irritated. It was a terrible experience. I’ll stick to it in dressings, etc. Drinking kombucha, on the other hand, has made a huge difference in both my skin and energy level.

Jaede Lieb says:

Dr. Meghan, is apple cider vinegar helpful in removing moles? Is it safe or not?

Sarah Scarbrough says:

I use it as toner and I found that it balanced my combination skin. My oily areas have significantly calmed down in oil production. I only use it twice a week on a moist cotton pad. I think using apple cider vinegar in its pure form is wayyy too strong. I always dilute it before I put in on my skin.

Miriam Neal says:

We drink it in our Trim Healthy Mama Good girl moonshine

anthrogal19 says:

Dr Greger has a bunch of videos reviewing the scientific literature on ACV and vinegar in general: https://nutritionfacts.org/video/vinegar-mechanisms-side-effects/

Rick Pace says:

Many medical based studies done. Dig deeper Dr. Meghan.

James Phucwit says:

wtf is "litichur"?

Sana Song says:

Thank you so much Dr Meghan for your videos

Delilah love Quiroz says:

That is why you suppose to drink it in the morning with empty stomach

Teale Niles says:

Found on NCBI: https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/481545. Talks about acetic acid and wound healing.

chicybaby2002 says:

I am an internist and I agree 100%

A capite ad calcem says:

Why isn't there a "Love" button on YouTube? <3

Z Zmsz says:

Is Apple cider with the "MOTHER" good to elimnate itch fro head ???

rrijsdijk says:

It does make me nauseous. It's so heavy on the stomach.

Maja Novak says:

so happy I found your channel!

Christine Weir says:

How disappointing – my understanding of apple cider vinegar until now, has been that it improves the acid/alkaline balance in the blood which helps to digest protein and absorb minerals…the older you get the less able your body is to absorb these nutrients so apple cider vinegar helps with this…true? false?

Diego Costa says:

Of course the literature is non existent. Would pharmaceutical companies fund anything that cannot be patented?

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