Doctors Answer Commonly Googled Period Questions

“Everyone loves that period nap!”

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basic & bored says:

I’m 15 and I’ve never had it ☠️

Strange Kat says:

I've had a baby with no pain relief at all. My period cramps are far worse than labour. Just because your period cramps aren't worse, don't assume no one else's are as bad.

gabriela says:

what do they mean it shouldn’t smell?! it’s blood, of course it’s gonna smell

Genevieve Soto says:

I'm currently 12 years old, and I got my period when I was 10. And ever since I got my period, I sometimes don't get my period every month

Trini Ahgase says:

I loved Dr. Lisa on "The Doctors" ^^

Victoria Bonavita says:

Ok so this tells me that I was taught wrong my whole life. I thought you got more hungry because you burned a lot of calories and energy causing a lot of symptoms.

Kisha Kasiga says:

the white woman looks like camila mendes

Wercia S says:

I love doctors

some random emo kid says:

Now I'm scared of my period T_T

polkadot pie says:

I just love that clicky button sound

Ingvild Kvakestad says:

My dog loves sticking His nose in my crotch

Klaudia 22 says:

I’m scared coz I’m diabetic

Chicken Wang says:

my period smells sweet lmao

Emilie & Aurora says:

I don’t have period, and Im terrified to get it. Please give me some ❤️

Jenna Campbell says:

Are irregular periods something to be worried about? Sometimes I’ll go 9 months without a period, sometimes 2 months, one time it was only 2 weeks. I’ve never had any major cramps. This seems like the norm to me but it was regular when I was younger and first started but then it has changed ever since I got older

Potato Moosh says:

I’m on mine and I feel so much better after taking some medicine and napping. :3

Unicorn and The Rainbow says:

What this is buzfeed right?

Jen B. says:

Oh the why does my period smell like fish… I think my friend has that… Because when I was near her I went away because she smelled like fish…

Lil Sally says:

i hav a question for them what should i do when im constiapod

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