DIY Rice Water Home Remedy For Glowing Skin | Japanese Beauty secrets

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DIY Rice Water Home Remedy For Glowing Skin | Japanese Beauty secrets:
The habit of using rice water for face and hair came from Ancient China. This country can leave us amazed at how they promoted the use of natural ingredients to serve as today’s famous beauty products. Since ancient times Chinese women use unpolished rice water as a daily skin toner. Even today rice water is a beloved method of keeping natural beauty in Asia.

Rice water is high in antioxidants and skin protecting properties.
Wash your face with rice water to makes your skin soft.
Washing your face with rice wash water improves complexion.
Can be used as a facial toner to firm your skin.
Aids in tightening open pores on your skin.
Tightens skin pores.
Prevents aging spots and hyper pigmentation.

I’ve tried and tested one of their rice based beauty regimes i.e. the rice water facial mask and swear by it! Rice water is used by the Japanese women for various beauty benefits such as skin rejuvenation, hydration, brighten the skin complexion and much more. Watch the video to know more about the beauty benefits of this Japanese skin care ritual!

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