DIY Korean Secret for glowing skin | Green Tea Face Toner

Inspired by Korean skincare routine, this toner will make your skin glowing, evens out your skin, eliminates dark spots and pigmentation.
It’s so easy to make and use. use it twice daily for best results after washing your face.
No need to wash your face after application.

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  1. Nice and useful

  2. I made this, this is so useful. I like it

  3. Wow thanks a lot

  4. How long can you use every batch you make?

  5. Can I use warm/ room temperature water

  6. Can it reduce Sun tan and Sun burn

  7. Okay this was helpful, my skin is sooo gooooooodddd. Tenks a lot :’)

  8. Is it okay to add lemon?

  9. How linf it stays fresh?

  10. How long can I use it? will it last months?

  11. Indian women always seem to know all about this stuff

  12. Can I use any green tea?

  13. Going back to doing this

  14. is it okay if i use it at daytime?

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