Definition Of Health | Andrew Weil, M.D.

Health is far more than the absence of illness. Dr. Weil discusses his positive conception of health, and how that can inform the process of achieving and maintaining a healthy body and brain.

What does health mean to you?

Read Dr. Weil’s take on integrative medicine:
Dr. Weil’s 5 Pillars Of Good Health:

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  1. Definition of Educator: Dr. Weil.

  2. WELL said and thank you Doc! Stay positive folks…it IS a choice you make every day! ♥!

  3. Agree that fear is a motivator. So sad. Lets all be healthy & positive!!

  4. Hello Dr. Weil, Thank you for inspiring me. I have used your video, Spontaneous Healing in high school health classes, workshops, and working with private clients. I would like to share my book with you as I feel it takes a community to write a book. You are part of the "community" that shaped me and brought my book to fruition.

    Can I send you a copy to preview?

    Hands On Health: Take Your Vibrant, Whole Health Back Into Your Healing Hands

    Keep on inspiring! Paula

  5. I typed out a transcript for whoever needs it:

    I consider health a relative state of wholeness and balance. I believe that means balance of all internal and external forces. It’s a kind of internal springy-ness that allows you to move through the world and not get hurt by all the things that have the potential to hurt you. If you’re healthy you can interact with germs and not get infections allergens, not get allergic reactions with toxins, and not be harmed. I think all of us come into the world with that internal quality but I think it’s up to us to learn how to protect it and enhance it. In my experience, people often use fear as a motivator to make positive lifestyle changes. You know, if you have a serious health wake-up call or are faced with some major medical/surgical intervention, often, that is what catalyzes change. But I don’t think that’s the best kind of motivation to depend on, because if your fear subsides then so does your motivation. I’m an educator, and I’ve great faith in education. I believe that if you present people with information in ways that they can understand and connect with their own experience, they will follow through and run with that. I think that applies in areas of nutrition, physical activity, all of it.

  6. Thank you Dr. for this defination

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